EXPOSED!! The Dark Alliance of Hunter Scott and Nikolaos Giannakis in Global Oil Scams

In the intricate world of international oil trading, where contracts can hinge on the finest details, a new breed of scams is emerging from Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation. Little-known firms, claiming to possess privileged access to Nigeria's highly sought-after sweet crude oil, are offering these resources at discounts so deep that seasoned traders are waving red flags.

One prominent player in these dubious deals is Severus Commodities Limited, represented by Nikolaos Giannakis (Nik). Yet, as we delve deeper into this web of deceit, another name surfaces repeatedly: Hunter S. Singer, more widely known today as Hunter Scott.

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Hunter Scott has been thrust back into the limelight thanks to leaked bank records that trace a trail of money between bank accounts tied to his business, Top Dog Holdings, and entities linked to Issa al-Zeydi, an ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Scott's past, including his permanent ban from the securities industry in 2006, and his present activities have raised significant questions about his involvement in international money laundering and fraudulent oil trading practices.

Scott's dealings came under scrutiny when the automated monitoring system at a South Florida Bank of America branch flagged suspicious activity. An otherwise unremarkable bank account belonging to a local Realtor, managed by Scott, suddenly began transferring cash to and from locations across the globe, including to Russia’s Sberbank. The recipient of funds at the Russian bank was Issa al-Zeydi, who was later included on a U.S. sanctions list for supporting the Assad regime.

A closer examination of these deals reveals a critical connection: Hunter Scott and Nikolaos Giannakis are not just fellow players in the world of dubious oil trades; they are partners in these shadowy operations. Giannakis, representing Severus Commodities Limited, and Scott, through Top Dog Holdings, have woven a complex web of transactions that span continents and connect with sanctioned entities.

Nikolaos Giannakis, also known as Nik, is the face of Severus Commodities Limited, a Hong Kong-registered firm involved in offering Nigerian sweet crude oil at suspiciously steep discounts. Severus Commodities Limited, with registration number 2526948, is headquartered at Room 2, 1st Floor, Block A, Sea View Building, 2-8 Watson Road, North Point, Hong Kong. Giannakis claims an association with a Greek asset management company under the prestigious Onassis group, adding a veneer of legitimacy to his operations.

Meanwhile, Hunter Scott has been managing Top Dog Holdings, a Florida-based company implicated in suspicious international money transfers. These transactions, flagged by Bank of America's monitoring system, included significant sums sent to Russia’s Sberbank and subsequently to Issa al-Zeydi. Scott’s involvement in these transactions has been highlighted in a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) and investigated as part of the FinCEN Files, a global project that uncovered extensive money laundering activities involving over $2 trillion in flagged transactions.

Scott, now residing near Marbella, in the South of Spain, has maintained a low profile. His reappearance in the financial world, marked by dubious deals and associations with figures like Giannakis, underscores the persistent challenges in combating international financial crimes. The intertwined dealings of Scott and Giannakis not only highlight the pervasive nature of fraud in the oil trading sector but also the international reach of these schemes.

Industry insiders and compliance experts are advising traders to exercise extreme caution. There are significant irregularities, including inconsistencies in signatures and misrepresented contractual terms, says a seasoned trader who wished to remain anonymous. These red flags suggest a sophisticated scam designed to exploit the high demand for Nigerian sweet crude.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has issued a Scam Alert on its website, warning of unsavory characters purporting to be bona fide staff of the NNPC or contractors to NNPC or purchasers of Nigerian crude oil or contractors to the Nigerian government. This alert is a direct response to the proliferation of deceptive practices within the oil sector, prominently involving figures like Scott and Giannakis.

As financial crimes continue to evolve, the oil sector's susceptibility to such scams highlights the importance of rigorous due diligence and robust compliance measures. The partnership between Hunter Scott and Nikolaos Giannakis serves as a critical reminder of the need for vigilance in the face of increasingly sophisticated fraudulent schemes.